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NEWORLEANS - Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl are expected to bring a ton of people to the downtown area in the next few weeks.

The Downtown Development District will alert Central Business District merchants about some of the restrictions they will find and some of the challenges they will face due to the big events.

'There's been a lot of work that's gone into it. Now its execution time and it's also having fun time for all of us,' said Kurt Weigle, the President of the DDD.

Business owners are asked to spruce up their space because millions of people around the world will be focused on the city during the Super Bowl, Weigle said.

There will also be restrictions in place related to the 'Clean Zone' passed by City Council. For example, advertising will be restricted in certain places, such as parking lots, he said. Every city that hosts a Super Bowl must agree to these terms in order to protect NFL sponsors.

'It's a tradeoff. We have this great opportunity to sell ourselves to the world. Every city in America would love to have the Super Bowl. Every city in America would love to have as many as we've had. But in order to do that, there's got to be a little bit of compromise,' Weigle said.

The meeting took place at 8:30 a.m. at the Sheraton Hotel.

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