NEW ORLEANS - Across the city Sunday, New Orleans natives and transplants watched the AFC and NFC Championship games to see which teams the Crescent City will host for Super Bowl 47.

From the sound of Saints fans' cheers at the Rusty Nail, you might have thought the black and gold claimed victory Sunday afternoon.

Instead, the Who Dat nation celebrated its archrival's loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship, leaving the Atlanta Falcons out of the running to play in the Super Bowl in New Orleans.

'I was so excited,' cheered Saints fan Maria Pringle. 'As long as the Falcons don't come to our Superdome and take over our city, I'm fine. Go Saints!'

'We were glad, it was awesome,' said Saints fan Jamison Beuerman. 'We can always hold over our archrivals that we have one Super Bowl [win] and they have zero.'

Bay area natives living in New Orleans said, it's about time the 49ers make it to a Super Bowl. It's been 18 years.

'They're going all the way,' said native Californian Barry Cromartie. 'They're winning the Super Bowl!'

During the AFC championship game, Tracey's in the Irish Channel was alive with excitement as fans of the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens fans cheered on their team.

Roommates Brian Agganis and David Dao put high stakes the AFC Championship game. Agganis hails from New England and Dao is from Baltimore.

'If the Patriots win, David's going to have to wear my jersey for a while,' said Agganis.

'And if the Ravens win, I'm going to draw Ray Lewis on your face,' retorted Dao.

And when Baltimore claimed victory, fans living in New Orleans said they're already planning for the big game.

'I'm losing it, because I've been down here for a year now' said Baltimore native Jack Walsh. 'I don't know what I'm going to do to get tickets but I'm willing to do pretty much anything.'

Of course, there are some die hard Who Dats who, on championship Sunday, sported their black and gold to show they're keeping the faith for next season.

'I think they would have been playing today, and I wore [my Saints gear] because they should have been playing today,' said Rob Musemeche.

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