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NEW ORLEANS -- As of Monday night, fans in town for the Super Bowl are still few and far between, but those that are here are ready.

'You got the 49ers fans out, you've got the Ravens fans, everybody's talking, you know, trying to get everybody pumped up for the game,' said 49ers fan Jennifer Caldwell.

While fans will continue descending on the city in the coming days, the teams have arrived.

The Ravens touched down at Armstrong airport around 3:15 p.m. Monday, while the 49ers made it here a night earlier.

San Francisco fans we talked with aren't surprised with how their team's season unfolded.

'They had a big struggle a few years ago and they finally got their act together,' said 49ers fan Catherine Andrade. 'I think the new coaching really helped, and here we are.'

With such a compelling matchup on tap, some locals like Shelley Rhoden are picking sides.

'Obviously I'm a Saints fan because I'm from here, but I do want the Ravens to win,' she said. 'I think Ray Lewis is great. Joe Flacco has really shown his ability coming through as a quarterback.'

But for many, the Super Bowl is about much more than the x's and o's -- it's a celebration that has grown to become one of the world's largest.

And folks tonight say this city provides the perfect setting.

'Everyone just loves to have a good time out here it seems like, and the Super Bowl is all about having a good time,' said one fan.

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