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MANDEVILLE- On most days, Mandeville Police Officer Eddie Vanison can be found packing up his unit and patrolling Mandeville High. But one day last month, the 12-year veteran of law enforcement traded in his badge for a starring role in a commercial airing Sunday.

Officer Vanison said, 'Bud Light commercial, that'll be featured for Super Bowl, titled the Lucky Chair, goes off the superstition theme. 'How does it feel to know you're going to have more than 100 million people see you on TV?' I never really thought about it 'til you just put it out like that.. anxious.'

The Super Bowl, for many, is watched as much for the short, often comical, TV spots, as it is for the actual game. For Vanison, the appearance is a proud moment in a budding side-job to cop work.

He said, 'It's very exciting, very humbling experience and hopefully it leads to bigger and better things.'

This isn't the first acting gig Vanison has landed. He's spent the last few years here in Treme' as cast member Memphis Ronnie in the hit HBO TV show.

Vanison said, 'About four years ago, Treme' came about. I have a cousin who's actually involved in Treme'. He informed me about some auditions going on. I went in for the audition and here we go!'

But if he tells you any more details about his international debut this weekend, well, you know how it goes.

'Can't really go into it, he said, 'It'll be one they have to watch on Sunday.'

Vanison also does stage acting, which is how he landed the commercial role. His next performance, titled, 'Don't Let That Man Go,' will be in March and the Joy Theatre on Canal Street in New Orleans.

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