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NEWORLEANS- Mardi Gras-revelers were already lined up along the Krewe of Endymion's parade route on Friday night.

Saturday's forecast is bringing smiles to parade-goers and local businesses.

For the last two years, umbrellas, ponchos and lots of rain was what Mother Nature dished out for the Krewe of Endymion. This year krewe members are looking forward to riding their floats with no rain.

They're not the only ones.

'Last year we got rained out but we're anticipating a lot of folks starting to hang out. That's why we decided not to close this evening,' said Denise Thomas who is the manager at Juicy Lucy's. The restaurant has been closely watching the weather forecast over the last two weeks. Now the Mid-City restaurant is gearing up a hectic Endymion parade day.

'When I really realized it was going to be nice and clear and a beautiful day that's when we started stocking up. We're really happy that its going to be nice tomorrow,' said Thomas.

Parade-revelers are also eager to see their favorite krewe roll. On Friday afternoon, dozens of people were already staking out prime real estate ahead of the Carnival extravaganza.

'Great! We love sunshine. We're going to have a greater party,' said Angeline Larrieu.

Seasoned Mardi Gras goers like Shawn Gab know that what is anticipated to be a beautiful day -- means more competition for some of this year's coveted throws.

'Its going to be more crowded then last year because its not doing to be raining. I guess that's the only draw back but its going to be a lot better because it won't be raining,' said Gab.

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