Eyewitness News Legal Analyst Donald 'Chick'Foret talks about some of the things that can be expected at the arraignment of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

What's likely to happen?

Foret:There will be a first appearance. There will be bond set and there will be an arraignment. He will be fingerprinted, he will be photographed, he will also be arraigned. He will answer the charges that he was indicted for. He will enter a not guilty plea in front of the magistrate and then his case will be set.

Is a deal still possible?

Foret:I would anticipate that there has been further discussion between the government and Mr. Nagin. Nothing will happen tomorrow (Wednesday). Mr. Nagin is not going to plead guilty tomorrow. Nothing definitive or determinative will take place tomorrow. Tomorrow is just an arraignment.

What about the exposure to Mr. Nagin's sons?

Foret:I have no doubt that the potential exposure of his sons has been and will be discussed and Mr. Nagin will put on the table, if Iresolve the issue as it relates to me, I'm going to get a pledge from the government that my two sons will face no charges in the future.

What type of bond can be expected?

Foret:There's going to be a reasonable bond which will be set. I'm sure he's appeared whenever he's been asked to before a grand jury. We have no indication that he's a flight risk or danger to the community - the two standards used in setting a bond.

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