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ANGIE, La. -- Authorities are looking for two men who allegedly shot a dog tied to a tree Monday, according to the Humane Society of Louisiana.

According to Humane Society director Jeff Dorson, a resident saw two men shoot a dog several times to the head while the animal was tied to a tree.

'According to a report filed with the Humane Society of Louisiana and the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office, two black males, one young and one middle-aged to elderly, aimed their rifles and shot at a black female bulldog-mix canine,' said a statement from Dorson.

The incident occurred in the 64300 block of Fornea Road in Angie.

The men fired between five and seven shots at the dog. The animal died on the scene, according to Dorson, and was found in a ditch nearby.

The men were seen driving a green Chevy truck with an extended cab. The truck had the word 'Jesus' written on the front license plate.

Anyone with information is asked to call 901-268-4432 or 985-789-1061.

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