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COVINGTON, La. -- When you look around St. Tammany Parish, you're finding fewer newspaper boxes and more laptops logged onto online news sites.

It's been an adjustment for many.

'I think it's a little sad that they're not going to have print paper anymore,' said Mandeville resident Jessica Cangelosi.

No adjustment was harder than for the more than 20 employees left without work Thursday, when long-time community newspaper, The St. Tammany News, shut its doors.

'Two weeks ago my emphasis was, number one, I needed a job, number two, I need to still be able to get the information out to the community,' said former St. Tammany News Managing Editor Suzanne Le Breton.

Le Breton and Northshore consultant James Hartman are tapping into the trending shift from paper to computer to try to keep community news alive by offering, which hits the internet Friday.

'The community has been, I won't say outraged, but disappointed and very hungry for what they were able to get online and in print. We're going to provide a significant portion of that and we're going to provide it quickly,' said Hartman.

The goal here is not to make headlines, but to just tell you what's happening in your schools, governments and churches.

'I have kids in school, I understand that education pictures are important, community briefs are important, club events are important, the entertainment. People need that. They need to be able to get it and they want to get it now,' Le Breton said.

Some in the community say online print is simply the direction of the future -- like it or not -- but they're ready for it.

'People don't wake up and pull a newspaper anymore, they wake up and grab their iphone to find things,' said Stewart Sheilds.

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