BATON ROUGE, La. - Tyrann Mathieu said a story by USA Today that quotes him as saying he failed at least 10 drug tests at LSU doesn't accurately reflect the discussions he's had with coaches while on his visits to several NFL club's facilities.

The story on USA Today's website quoted an assistant NFL coach as saying that Mathieu was asked how many drug tests he had failed at LSU and that he responded that it he 'stopped counting at 10.'

A news release from LSU didn't elaborate on what inaccuracies might be in the story and both Mathieu and LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva praised the school's drug testing practices.

A quote attributed to Mathieu that was sent out by LSU didn't directly deny the report and instead chided the reporter for releasing medical information while defending LSU's testing.

'It is irresponsible and shows a lack of integrity for anyone to disclose medical information regardless of how it was gathered,' Mathieu said. 'I would expect that conversations regarding my drug testing history during the course of my medical treatment would be private. LSU has a strong drug testing program and LSU went to great lengths to help me in my treatment and recovery. I understand that many people enjoy reading about the negative side of sports, but to publish those second-hand comments without being given a chance to address that comment prior to the publication of the article is irresponsible.'

'Once a substance abuse problem is identified, LSU is diligent in tracking those individuals over extended periods of time with frequent testing and engages them in meaningful opportunities for support through counseling and substance abuse treatment,' said Alleva.

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