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NEWORLEANS- As police investigate yet another murder of a cab driver -- this one in the Treme area early Thursday morning -- the industry is on alert, again.

'They're definitely scared. They're definitely cautious,' said Nawlins Cab President Sheree Kerner.

Kerner has been outspoken about taxi safety after her brother, Billy, was gunned down near his cab in 2011.

For Kerner, this latest incident is another blow.

'Well it definitely brings me back to my own personal experience, but it's a sad day in the city of New Orleans,' she said.

Police officers responded to the call at around 1:00 Thursday morning, after receiving reports that an 'American Taxi' had crashed into a tree in the 900 block of North Johnson. When officers arrived, they found the driver inside the cab, suffering from multiple gunshots.

The victim is identified as 35-year-old Sheico Delbar, a cab driver in the city since 2010.

For now, police haven't released any information about possible suspects or motives.

They also aren't confirming whether the cab was outfitted with a functional security camera, which all cabs in the city are supposed to have, following recent industry reforms.

Regardless, with the incident marking at least the seventh time a New Orleans area cab driver has been murdered in the past three years, Sheree Kerner says more safeguards -- from training to improved technology -- are needed.

'The taxi industry needs to become more vigilant because no one else is gonna be the ones that are gonna save us,' she said. 'We have to save ourselves.'

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