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ELMWOOD, La. - The strong odor that many people reported in the metro area will be discussed at Wednesday's Jefferson Parish Council meeting.

The Department of Environmental Quality will be on hand to answer questions about the possible chemical releases into the air that could have caused that strong smell.

During the first week of April, people complained of gas and burning rubber odors in the metro area.

The Bucket Brigade, an environmental action group said the odors could have been caused by a spill of condensate water from ExxonMobil Chalmette Refinery's flare system. The liquid is obtained by condensation of a gas or vapor.

At the time, the refinery reported that it had a waste water leak.

The group reported that 55 people complained about respiratory problems, headaches and nausea. These people lived closer to the refinery.

The council will ask DEQ if they plan on fining the company or mandating changes to fix the problems.

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