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NEW ORLEANS -- In all, there were 95 runners from Louisiana taking part in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

According to the race website, 22 were from the New Orleans area.

'The third bomb went off probably about anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes when I finished,' said Gretna resident Todd Danos, who was competing in his third Boston Marathon. His family was at the finish line to cheer him on.

'My wife and child were standing almost directly from where the second bomb went off, but luckily they had already left and went back to the hotel. That's what scared me the most,' said Danos.

Luckily the Gretna family and marathon runner were headed back to their hotel when the bomb blasts brought the race to a grinding halt.

'It does put every race organizer and athlete on alert. How do you prepare for something like that? You don't. You don't expect that,' said Bill Burke with Premier Event Management.

Burke is gearing up for Ironman New Orleans, which is this Sunday and will bring 2,000 participants to town.

Burke said what happened in Boston now has this weekend's event on high alert.

'It's tragic. It will change forever the way we look at these types of large and even small participatory events,' said Burke.

New Orleans continues to be home to a host of major races, most recently the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Crescent City Classic.

'To be honest, we think about plans for these things, we sit down and plan with all the city departments and homeland security. Unfortunately we'll probably have to tighten up that plan with this happening,' said Crescent City Classic Race Director Eric Stuart.

That race works with local agencies months in advance to talk logistics and public safety.

'Each department from Homeland Security, the sheriff's office, the NOPD, EMS, East Jefferson General Hospital, they contribute to this conversation so we put this unified plan together,' said Stuart.

Contingency plans that even the Boston Marathon put in place to try and prepare for the unthinkable.

'It really shook people. I'm still shaken up about it. It's just a shame that it happened at a such a great event,' said Danos.

All Louisiana running clubs tell Eyewitness News their runners are accounted for and are okay.

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