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DESTREHAN, La. -- St. Charles Parish deputies have arrested six suspects in connection with the overdose and death of a Destrehan woman.

Theresa Buse, 27, Matthew Savoie, 28, and Adrianne Johnson, 25, face second-degree murder charges, while Michael Chisholm, 28, faces a principal to second-degree murder charge. Each suspect also faces multiple drug charges.

Willie McNeil, 37, and Rachel Demarco, 26, were also arrested on lesser drug charges.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne said the victim, Danielle McGovern, was pronounced dead at her home on Feb. 9. An autopsy discovered she had a lethal amountof MDMC, or Methylone.

Champagne said the drug 'was previously one of the many non-controlled designer drugs that are also called bath salts.'

Savoie, who was the victim's boyfriend at the time of her death, admitted to giving McGovern the drugs before her death, Champagne said.

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