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NEW ORLEANS Police are investigating the rape of a female student on aNew Orleans school bus.

A 16-year-old girl was 'sexually assaulted by a male student on the back of a school bus,' according to a New Orleans Police log.

It appears the assault took place while the bus was in transit.

NOPDspokesman Garry Flot said the rape took place Monday afternoon. The girl and her attacker were the last two passengers on the bus. After the assault, the bus arrived at the suspect's stop and he left the bus, Flot said.

The girl didn't immediately report the rape to the bus driver. She informed her school counselor Wednesday about the assault, according to Flot.

Police said the suspect has been identified and the matter is under investigation.

It appears at least one of the teens attended Crescent Leadership Academy, an alternative school for troubled students in grades 7-12. The police log lists the school's address, 4300 Almonaster Ave., for the incident.

Chauncey Nash, the school's principal, declined to comment Thursday morning.

'I cannot confirm anything,' he said. 'Nothing happened at Crescent Leadership Academy.'

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