Don Dubuc / Eyewitness News

You heard we had a 70 percent chance of rain Thursday. Well I'm in the 30 percent that ain't.

'Down here we're so far from New Orleans that you really just have to look at the radar and see the weather patterns. A lot of these fronts will go up right through New Orleans right over the Northshore and just move up into the Northeast,' said Captain Ryan Lambert of Cajun Fishing Adventures.

There were two guys, I'm not going to mention their names, who were supposed to go fishing but cancelled out. I hope they don't see this.

'It's a no brainer right now. The shrimp are coming in. You're going to have plenty shrimp, plenty birds, if that's what you want. Myself I want the bigger trout. You get where there's mullet on top of these reefs and you're going to catch some big girls. Topwater baits, slimy slugs, that kind of stuff. That is the Mister Twister Slimy Slug. That's a big six inch worm type bait and a big trout will eat that thing alive. Then you have the Zara Spooks in either the bone or I like the blue and silver. You just have to read the fish every day to see what they want. Myself that's my go to baits when I'm fishing big girls,' said Lambert.

Once the major cold front is gone in May, game on, he said.

I think we can officially say the trout season, if not before, has begun now.

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