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NEWORLEANS-- EyewitnessNews has learned that a cab driver accused of raping his passenger drew attention to himself by asking others how to erase video from his car's camera.

According to a police report, the tape shows Sohail Khan, 40, driving the 20-year-old woman to a part of town she didn't request and then shows him covering the camera lens.

The alleged attack happened in the 7600 block of Plum Street just blocks away from her intended destination not far from Tulane University.

Khan remains locked up on a $300,000 bond. He faces simple rape and second-degree kidnapping charges.

Police say Khan has a prior misdemeanor conviction for getting into a fight with a passenger. They also say he has a 2010 arrest for soliciting a prostitute in New Jersey.

City guidelines prohibit anyone convicted of a violent felony from receiving a cab driver's permit.

Anyone convicted of a lesser felony or certain crimes such as soliciting a prostitute would be barred from receiving a license to drive a taxi for at least five years after that conviction.

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