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NEW ORLEANS -- The streetlights abruptly failed along the 1400 and 1500 blocks of Broadway at the beginning of March.

'We have Tulane students walking up and down here all the time,' said neighbor Eileen Gamble. 'It's graduation time, we have parents, we have parties going on, and for a safety issue, we need lighting.'

Broadway is being restored through the Paths To Progress Program. The Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board replaced an underground pipe, but the power to the streetlights failed when a trench was dug to replace the pipe.

'It was pitch blacknesss, and it was a construction zone, and there was a trench dug that was the length of a block. A car could fall in it, a bicyclist, a pedestrian, anybody, and it was dark,' said neighbor Lynnette Judge.

So they joined their council member in a campaign to get the streetlights repaired.

'I think the first email I got from a constituent was in March, early March, and we have been fighting to get the work done before the repaving of the street,' said Councilwoman Susan Guidry.

But the concrete trucks showed up Tuesday, ready to fill in the hole, alarming residents still trying to get the lights repaired.

'It was a complete boondoggle, I couldn't get answers,' Gamble.

That's when they contacted me, and they were quite upset at that point. So I sent emails to city and state agencies, asking them to get those streetlights reconnected as quickly as possible.

And the neighbors say things started happening very quickly.

'They showed up yesterday. They replaced most of the bulbs,' Gamble said.

'I thought finally. It's about time, why couldn't it have been two months ago?' Judge said.

Guidry said, 'I mean, my question has been why did it take so long?'

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