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NEW ORLEANS -- The property in Venetian Isles is covered with piles of construction materials.

And neighbors are fed up with living next to it.

'It looks like a junk yard,'Mickey Tureaud said. 'I mean, I don't know what else. It's a junk yard.'

'It's embarrassing when people come to visit and you have this mess for them to see,' Marguerite Guarino added. 'And the main thing I worry about is when my grand daughters are visiting, because occasionally I have rats running across my patio still.'

WWLTV first visited last July, and a crowd of neighbors was waiting then. So was property owner Millard Green, who promised to better manage the supplies stored on the lot and said he was planning to build a new house.

'I'm shrinking the house now,' Green said then. 'I'm going to put it to the minimum for the subdivision.'

But 10 months later, the neighbors are not impressed.

'He had a couple of old trailers, like a couple of FEMA trailers,' Tureaud noted. 'Those are gone. Aside from that, that's about it. It actually looks worse now.'

Over the past few months, the neighbors have been sending me a steady stream of emails about the conditions at that property. I've been contacting City Hall to find out what their plans are. Well now the Mayor's office tells me, they're taking action.

'Oh that's marvelous, I'm excited,' Marguerite Guarino said, smiling.

Now Green said he got the message when the City promised to clean the lot.

Green said he'll get the ruined materials removed and the rest stored out of sight until construction starts. Neighbors said that would help.

'Cleaned up and make green space out of it,' Joe Major said. 'Make it look like this space here, the lot next to Sal, that's what I would like to see done, or see a beautiful home built there.'

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