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NEWORLEANS-- New Orleans police have named 19-year-old Akein Scott a suspect in the horrific Mother's Day shooting that left 20 people wounded.

Serpas said they had 'multiple identifications' of Scott as the shooter. Scott is still at large.

NOPDChief Ronal Serpas says police are still investigating whether or not Scott acted alone or with help at the second line shooting.

Serpas added that search warrants were issued at three addresses connected to Scott, but made no arrests. They're asking the 19-year-old suspect to turn himself in.

'We would like to remind the community and Akein Scott that the time has come for him to turn himself in,'Serpas said. 'As we said this afternoon, we know more about you than you think we know.'

Serpas said his department received a 'tremendous'amount of tips from Crimestoppers.

'People today chose to be on side of young, innocent children who were shot, and not on the side of a coward who shot into a crowd,'Serpas said.

Scott was arrested back in March for resisting an officer, illegal carrying of weapons and possession of heroin. In the end, all of those charges were refused.

Scott was charged with illegally carrying of a weapon with a controlled dangerous substance. He was released on bond back on April 29.

If you know Scott's whereabouts, call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

We'll have full details on this breaking news tonight at 10 p.m.

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