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Shawn Scott told reporters he and his brother Akein had nothing to do with the shooting at the annual Mother's Day second line parade in New Orleans.

But, according police evidence detailed in an arrest warrant, he and his younger brother Akein are accused of standing on opposite sides of the street, firing into a crowd of hundreds, injuring 20 people, three critically.

'Why they still on the street?' asked Cordella Oliver who lives on North Villere Street not far from where shots rang out Sunday. 'How could you let somebody out like that?'

Questions are still resonating throughout the 7th Ward neighborhood after Mayor Mitch Landrieu and other city leaders held two separate news conferences, vowing to take back the 'sacred ground' at the site of the shooting and announcing the arrests of the brothers and four alleged accomplices.

The Scott brothers are hardly strangers to the criminal justice system. Court documents indicate Shawn Scott has three drug convictions dating back to 2007.

After an arrest for possession with intent to distribute cocaine in 2006, the records show, Scott pleaded guilty in October 2007 to a reduced charge of possession of cocaine. But while that case was winding through the court system, Scott was arrested on another drug charge, possession of heroin.

According to court records, prosecutors lumped the two cases together in a plea deal, so when Scott went to court for sentencing, he received simultaneous sentences of probation. The probation included strict conditions, including drug counseling, 20 weeks of drug testing and requirements to get a GED and a job.

The probation didn't go well, and didn't last long, the records show.

Less than two months after he was sentenced and released, Scott was arrested on a new heroin charge. That led to the revocation of his earlier two terms of probation and mandatory prison time.

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