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MONTZ, La. -- A St. Charles Parish man was building his dream home, only now, it's nothing but rubble. It's one of a handful of arsons the Louisiana State Fire Marshal is investigating in Montz.

'My brick layer finished the last brick. He layed the last brick. Everything was wonderful,' said David Caeser, the owner of the two-story home that nearly burned to the ground.

Flames towered over the surrounding neighborhoods Friday night.

'You don't want to always, as they say, pull the race card, but when you look around and you ask yourself, why did you do this to me and there's no answer,' Caeser said.

State investigators said Monday they've had no indication the fire was racially motivated, and they still have no motive or suspects. But arson investigators did say they believe the fire at Caeser's home was intentionally set, as the only utility running to it was water.

'We basically had two fires going on at the same time or within the same hour,' Lance Lamarca, the arson supervisor with the State Fire Marshal's Office, said.

Across the drainage ditch behind Ceaser's property, two abandoned mobile homes also burned on Friday. They were located behind an adjacent trailer park known as Hollywood Estates.

The last weekend in March, about a mile away on River Road, arson investigators said they believe someone set fire to another home under renovation.

'We haven't ruled out the possibility that all of these are being committed by the same person or persons. And we certainly are looking at that possibility,' Lamarca said.

Plus, last week, the quiet Montz community reported four car break-ins, and Ceaser's home had copper stolen from it on Wednesday, just two days before it burned.

While the Caesers vow to rebuild, finishing the home that burned had special meaning for the family.

'December 1, we broke ground. That was the day of my Mother's funeral,' Caeser said choking back tears.

The St. Charles Sheriff's office said three teenagers, two males, one female, were seen walking on the wide grassy area behind the home that night.

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal has an arson hotline for tips. If you have any information on any of the fires call 866-946-1097 or click here to submit an anonymous tip.

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