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KENNER, La. -- North Kenner neighbors are drying out from what some are calling a deluge of near historic proportions.

Wednesday, it rained so hard and so fast there, flood waters nearly swamped people's homes.

Annette Incardona lives near Vintage and Power. She says the water came up to her garage.

'Luckily we did not get any water in the house. But, we had a number of cars that were in our driveway that were stalled and Power Boulevard just looked like the lake.'

Thursday, Kenner's four vacuum trucks cleared clogged drains full of debris from the storm.

'The good news is, we've had no reports of any house flooding as of now,' said Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni. 'I just ask to see if we got any calls. Tons of street flooding calls yesterday, I'm sure some cars were submerged.'

Jefferson Parish Councilman Ben Zahn spent the day talking with neighbors. He said all parish pumping stations were operating during the storm.

'They wanted to ask us if the pumps were actually on and we're reassuring them of that. We put out some barricades and we're making sure they got out there, making sure they got picked up.'

Zahn said it took a while for the pumps to catch up with the rainfall.

'It's just excessive rainfall in a short period of time. I think like 6 inches in close to two hours. It's hard for those pumps to actually keep up with that.'

The rain fell so quickly in the Kenner area that many of the local drainage canals filled to within one or two feet of overtopping.

'They were pumped pretty low, knowing the rain we had coming,' said Yenni. 'It was just a massive deluge that sat over us and would not move.'

Neighbors hope the next rainstorm goes somewhere else.

'I did notice somebody's recycle bin over there on Power Boulevard just now,' said Incardona. 'Yeah, it was scary. We had never seen water like that before.'

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