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NEW ORLEANS The manhole cover may have the word water on it, but water is not supposed to be flowing out of it. Yet, thousands of gallons being are wasted, streaming down a nearby drain.

'Very frustrating!' saidCarol Fontan, manager ofThe Carol Condominiums. 'You know where a meter is. It wasn't a little leak. It was, as you said, you filmed it, water pouring out of the meter.'

Inside the manhole is a large water meter, one of four that serve the Carol Condominiums on St. Charles Avenue. This one provides water for the building's air-conditioning system cooling towers.

'I immediately called Sewerage and Water Board and they say if it is an emergency, push this number and I did, back in February,' Fontan said.

She was told the problem was with the meter. Getting it replaced was another matter even though the bill has tripled.

'I kept calling them,' Fontan said. 'They said it was on the priority list, but they couldn't tell me when it would be corrected. Called them back, they said it was sent to the meter shop. Called them back, said it wasn't sent to the meter shop. They finally came out. They didn't even have the right meter. That's when I called you.'

I contacted the Sewerage and Water Board and pointed out they've been waiting for help out here for three months. The building manager feels it is urgent. And look what happened. They got a crew out here this problem got Action.

The faulty meter was finally dug up and replaced and the flowing water stopped.

'I couldn't believe it,' Fontan said, smiling. 'It's great. How much is that going to save you? A lot of money. A lot of money.'

Now she is seeking a refund on the charge for the water that leaked.

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