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NEW ORLEANS -- State Treasurer John Kennedy will soon be in charge of refunding what's left in your Crescent City Connection toll tag account.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation was criticized for the amount of paperwork -- and time required to get a refund.

Lawmakers passed a bill giving Kennedy's office the job beginning July 1.

'We're going to rev it up, full speed ahead,' Kennedy said. 'I've already reserved a website. We're going to hold a day out at Oakwood Mall where we'll invite people to come out and we can sign them up in person. We're not going to require a lot of W9s and forms and we're not involved in the IRS. We're just going to get people's money back to them.'

Kennedy says toll tag holders will only have to show identification and their old toll tag to get a refund.

According to the DOTD, there's about $3.5 million of Crescent City Connection money left to return.

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