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NEWORLEANS-- The Krewe of Alla isn't the only one joining the Carnival fun along the Uptown parade route this coming Mardi Gras.

On February 22, 2014, the Krewe of Freret -- formed just two years ago -- will stage its first parade along the Uptown route.

'We're trying to be something completely new, innovative and fresh just to add something different to Mardi Gras,' said co-captain Robert Hjortsberg.

The original Krewe of Freret paraded for more than 40 years and lined up on Freret Street.

Hjortsberg says the new krewe celebrates the revitalization of Freret, but can't parade there because police will already be busy on the Uptown route handling four other parades rolling the same day.

He said the new Freret will add fresh technology to the fun.

'We're currently in the process of creating iPhone applications so to where you'll be able to determine where your friends are on the float,' he said.

And the krewe wants to move away from throwing Mardi Gras beads.

'We're not saying that we're going to completely ban beads,' he said.

But Freret's co captain says they do want to try phase out beads and rely more on locally made throws that people might find more appealing.

'There's a lot of artists in the Freret Market that we've been discussing things with who make all kinds of different trinkets that people would love to have,' Hjortsberg said.

Hjortsberg said the krewe is looking for any suggestion that goes along with its mission.

'And the mission is to help support the community.'

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