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NEWORLEANS - Although there haven't been tolls on the Crescent City Connection since March, the tolls booths remained in place. However, things looked different Thursday morning with nearly half of the booths removed.

Crews began working Wednesday night to remove the bridge's 12 booths. When work stopped around 6 a.m. Thursday, five booths had been carried away.

Cranes were used to lift the 2,500 pound booths off of their foundations.

The Department of Transportation and Development wanted to keep the toll plaza lit through the entire project, which made things even more complicated.

Crews must disconnect all electrical wires to the booth before they are moved, which is a 16 hour project in and of itself.

After the toll booths are removed, they may have life again. They are going to be used as spares for the LA-1 toll bridge.

Throughout the removal process, drivers will see nightly lane closures on the bridge until at least mid-July.

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