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HAMMOND, La. -- Two boards welcomed customers to the Office of Motor Vehicles in Hammond Wednesday.

That's because early Tuesday morning, the front of the office was torn apart from a burglary.

'A white or light colored sedan actually drove into the front glass of the Office of Motor Vehicles, broke the glass and gained entry to the building,' said Louisiana State Police Trooper Nick Manale, 'At that time, the suspect, or possibly suspects, used the vehicle to break loose the floor mounted ATM off its floor brackets. And basically loaded the ATM into the trunk and fled from the scene.'

Authorities working the case are scratching their heads over the movie-like scenario.

'It's certainly something we don't see every day. But it has happened before,' Manale said.

If you think this situation is unbelievable, as it is now, think again, because this is actually the second time this has happened in the Hammond area in more than a month, and the first time it happened at Ryan's Deli.

'They didn't take no time. They just came in here and they was brave. 10:30 at night! This traffic go on and on all night. I know someone seen it,' said store manager Kennetta Keller.

The convenience store was hit at the end of April when the doors were pulled off by a truck and the bolted ATM was pulled out with a chain. The truck, which was stolen, was found abandoned nearby. The ATM vault was found in Baton Rouge. Both cases are wide open.

'We are comparing that evidence and looking at things together,' said Manale.

'It's scary,' Keller said. 'I mean so much stuff going on right now in Hammond. It's scary, it's scary. You don't know what to do.'

In Tuesday's case, the suspect car is a white Nissan Altima, reported stolen out of Albany, with Louisiana license plate WHE 946. In the April burglary, authorities are looking for a maroon Cougar with a gray stripe down the side.

Call Tangi Crimestoppers at 1-800-554-JAIL if you have any information about these crimes.

Late Wednesday night, officials released a picture of the vehicle used in the heist. The license plate number is WHE946. The vehicle had apparently been stolen from a home in Albany.

The vehicle has moderate damage to the rear end from when it backed into the building.

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