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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Police are investigating after a man was found shot to death early Friday morning in his neighbor's home along Prytania Street.

Officers say the victim was shot once and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The early morning shooting has neighbors on edge. Many say they were shocked when they learned a man had been murdered in the Lower Garden District home just before 1 a.m. Friday.

'I thought this was supposed to be the nice area of town ya know,' said Zara's Food Store employee Christian Vond.

Police say when they arrived they found the door busted, shattered glass and the apartment ransacked. It's a scary reality for residents living nearby.

'I have heard people say that even when you feel safe, you're not necessarily,' said Catherine Firestein. 'But you never think it's going to happen a block from you house.'

The owner and landlord of the apartments said the man was in his mid 30s and identified him as Ahmad Sheppard. The landlord said Sheppard was found shot to death in the apartment next door to his own. After his body was discovered, police found Sheppard's White 2008 Jeep Cherokee was missing.

'One gunshot seems pretty deliberate to me,' said Firestein. 'So whether it was a burglar who has done this before or someone who was targeting who lived there or someone who went into the apartment and killed the wrong person by mistake, that's a little scary to me.'

'All the customers that have come in here they are all wondering what went on last night,' said Vond.

Vond said Sheppard often came into the store where he works and says he was well liked. 'He was cool with everybody,' said Vond. 'I know that, we were all friends. He would always shake everyone's hand. He knew everyone around here.'

Neighbors say they cannot understand why anyone would want to hurt Sheppard and say they now feel afraid to venture out alone.

'I have never felt unsafe walking her by myself,' he said of his dog. 'But now I am thinking twice.'

NOPD is still searching for the missing jeep Cherokee, which has a Louisiana license plate number WPR618. Police are urging anyone who sees the SUV to call Crimestoppers.

Around 6 a.m. investigators returned to the apartment and towed away a white Charger. However, officials are not saying if or how that is related to this murder investigation.

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