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METAIRIE, La. -- Over 160,000 vehicles a day roar through Metairie on Interstate 10.

Since late 2011, there's been a construction zone between the Clearview and Veterans exits, a $42 million project to expand the interstate from three to five lanes.

But the work has impacted drivers.

'Yeah, it's been a real problem,' said Gary Fontenot.

'Repair the road. It's not going to make anything too much easier, but it's all usually worth it in the end,' said Dennis Cali.

Tuesday night they plan to shift the westbound lanes for the last phase of construction. They'll move the three traffic lanes to the left side of the interstate, so they can complete the outside lanes, but doing that won't be fun for drivers.

'Between 7:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., we do expect heavy delays while we drop traffic down to one lane,' said Project Engineer Stephen Heraty.

The process to realign the interstate lanes will also impact two exits. First, the westbound entrance at Clearview will be shut down during that process. And then the off ramp that leads to Veterans Boulevard will also be closed during the lane shift. Drivers will be allowed to exit at Power Boulevard instead.

But the work to shift the lanes should be done by Wednesday morning. Then drivers will have three lanes until it expands to five in both directions, when the project finishes at the end of the year.

'Think it is going to make the traffic flow a lot better, have a lot more happier people when they can move a lot quicker on the highway,' concluded Dennis Cali.

They're now seeking funding for the next project.

'We're in the pre-construction phase of taking off from where this project ends to Loyola, to widen I-10 through this area,' said State Transportation Secretary Sherri LeBas.

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