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NEW ORLEANS -- There's a nice fresh asphalt patch on Cohn Street, and when the city crews arrived with a truckload of asphalt, the neighbors were so excited they sent me pictures and almost threw a party.

'My wife screamed, 'They're here!'' laughed Joe Perdue. ''Who's here?' They're here to fix the sinkhole!' 'And I ran out the door actually, and I said are you here to fix the hole? And I said, are you kidding?' said Jenny Gordon.

They were so happy because in late March, a section of the street caved in.

'I drive up in front of my house, and there's this huge hole,' Gordon said at the time.

They called the Action Line, worried filling the hole would not be a top priority for the city.

'I didn't think it was really going to get fixed in that short amount of time, because I've seen sinkholes in our area, and driven over them for months,' Perdue said.

'I actually joked with Joe and Joanne, I wonder if it will be fixed before Christmas, and then I started thinking, I wonder which Christmas I'm talking about,' Gordon said.

Now this took a bit of work, because at first I wasn't sure what the underlying problem was. So I emailed the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board, which handles sewer and water pipes underground, and the Department of Public Works, which handles drainage pipes.

Public Works came out first, took a look at it, said no, no, it is the water board's problem. The water board spent a month inspecting this area and said it's Public Works' responsibility. At that point, I emailed both, and said the neighbors don't care who fixes this thing, just somebody get it filled.

And look what happened.'

'It was quite a relief, because you keep thinking that somebody is eventually going to drive into it,' said Joe. 'Not any more!'

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