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NEWORLEANS-- Several weeks after Terrilynn Monette's body was found in her car in Bayou St. John, her family is back in New Orleans, touched by the outpouring of love.

But while the coroner's office ruled drowning as the cause of death, the family is asking why they still don't have final answers from that office.

With her eight-year-old grand daughter at her side, Terrilynn Monette's mother, Toni Enclade, looked at the messages of love on the Harrison Avenue bridge, for her daughter who lost her life in the water below.

'It's kind of hard actually being back here again, just this very area, to know that this is where her car was and this is where she was found,' said Enclade.

The stuffed animals, solar lights on figurines, books, notes and messages are added to the text messages and phone calls she's gotten from people around the world. And while they add comfort, there is distress in still not knowing what the coroner's found.

'The coroner's office need to realize that you should keep in contact with the family, to let them know the process and what's going on and the length of time that it's taking to complete such reports,' Enclade said.

'Initially, I think we were told, maybe about two to three weeks. Right now, we's going on seven weeks since Terrilynn Monette was found right here. My office called the coroner's office last week and now we're told eight to 12 weeks,' said State Representative Austin Badon, Jr. He has been helping the family with the search since the beginning.

Terrilynn's niece has seen the cycle of life in the last few months. She welcomed a new little sister Melanie Victoria into the world, while saying goodbye to an aunt and teacher. She read the message she wrote on the bridge railing out loud.

'Going to miss you, Auntie Lynn. Have a great time in heaven and tell Jesus and God and other special people in Heaven that I said make sure you teach Jesus things. Love, Christina,' said Christina Hart, Terrilynn Monette's niece.

The coroner's office has plans to meet with the family.

Many more family members are coming in town for the memorial service, Saturday at 3 p.m. at the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church. It is open to everyone. The family asks that you bring books for children to donate to Woodland West Elementary School, where Terrilynn taught.

You can also donate books directly to the school.

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