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NEW ORLEANS -- Neighbors have been fighting a sinkhole in the 900 block of Webster for up to three years. In the middle of the driving lane, the street has broken and collapsed, exposing a deep hole.

Neighbors say there have nearly been wrecks here.

'You didn't want to go in that hole. You wouldn't have gotten out,' said resident Herman Kohlmeyer. 'But it certainly was a big impediment. It was a major hole Uptown. It was on the top ten list.'

Around the corner on Camp Street, there was a collection of potholes. But there was one that bothered residents the most. They used bricks and a warning cone to alert drivers to the water filled hazard.

'I think that it could potentially really damage somebody's axle, and it makes a tremendous noise, so I know people are bottoming out in their cars,' said resident Ann Kaufman.

'But once in a while somebody might bounce off of here, maybe hit another car or some person standing around. You know that's the danger for these holes, besides the damage to cars,' Kohlmeyer said.

The city took action. I contacted the Department of Public Works, and they came out here twice. They patched potholes down the street, and a big one has been repaired.

And now the Sewerage & Water Board is removing the Webster sinkhole. Fixing it turned into a major project, replacing ruined sewage pipes for an entire block.

'The quality of life really comes down to most of us, being able to drive your cars on the streets around here without breaking them up, and to not have these holes, and not have water leaks and so forth. That's the quality of life,' Kohlmeyer said.

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