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NEW ORLEANS -- Family and friends gathered to remember the life of 37-year-old Allen Desdunes Friday evening.

Desdunes was shot and killed by an FBI agent conducting a surveillance operation as part of a drug investigation.

It was an emotional evening for the family as they desperately ask for answers and the truth to have some closure. Family and friends of Desdunes are left with nothing but tears and cherished memories.

'His laughter,' Martha Hardy, Desdunes older sister, said she missed the most. 'His smile, the joy, the happiness we had together.'

Desdunes' life was cut short Tuesday at a Motel 6 in New Orleans East when he was gunned down by an undercover FBI agent who was part of a task force conducting a narcotics investigation.

'He was murdered,' said sister-in-law Enriquia Desdunes. 'It was unjustified. He was unarmed.'

As Desdunes' family lit candles and sang over the spot where he was killed, they vowed never to stop looking for answers.

'We deserve answers,' Enriquia Desdunes said. 'We will not stop. We will not sleep. We will not slumber nor whisper. We deserve answers.'

According to court records, a police informant said Desdunes was a known heroin dealer. Police say on the day of the shooting, a quick drug transaction took place. During their surveillance, police decided to arrest Desdunes after finding evidence of a drug deal, including a large amount of money, sirenges and heroin.

However, the FBI has not said how the arrest went awry and what led to the shooting.

'When will they have to answer for what they say and what they do,' Enriquia Desdunes said. Friday, the family made a promise to get the truth as they say goodbye to father and a brother.

The FBI said they will submit a preliminary report to prosecutors next week in order for officials to review Tuesday's fatal shooting as part of an internal investigation. The agency said that they have reached out to the family in hopes of answering some of their questions. The family said Friday they have been contacted by the FBI, but have yet to speak to agency officials directly.

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