Covington, La. -- A Northshore woman pleaded guilty Wednesday to first-degree murder in the 2009 murder-for-hire scheme of her Emergency Medical Technician husband.

Gina Scramuzza will be sentenced to life in prison, at hard labor, without parole for the guilty plea in the killing of her husband, Mario Scramuzza.

The victim's family told Gina Scramuzza in court, 'We miss him every day...and we want her to think about him every day of her life.'

Observers said Scramuzza tearfully made the guilty plea in court Wednesday. Mario's family was not moved.

'I don't think that was truly remorse. I just think that was, 'Oh boy, I'm stuck with this now,'' responded Valerie Dirks, Scramuzza's sister.

Scramuzza is accused of hiring three men to kill her husband, Mario Scramuzza, in their home in February 2009. The plan was to kill him in a way that would look like he had a heart attack. Gina Scramuzza had taken out a life insurance policy on her husband prior to the killing.

Gina Scramuzza allegedly drove the men to her home, where they waited inside for Mario Scramuzza. Once he returned home, one man, Erly Montoya-Matute held a gun to Mario Scramuzza's head while a second man, Luis Rodriguez-Hernandez held him down, and the third, Carlos Rodriguez bound him and strangled him.

In January 2012, a St. Tammany jury unanimously found the first suspect on trial, Luis Rodriguez-Hernandez guilty of first-degree murder in the murder-for-hire scheme. He will face life in prison for the killing .

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