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MANDEVILLE, La. - Some describe Girod Street as the heart of Old Mandeville, which bares heavy traffic because of it's a straight shot to the lakefront and connection to major highways. The mayor says it shows and he wants to fix it.

'This project concentrates south of Monroe on Girod street to repair two intersections, the drainage in that area and then to re-asphalt the street. We expect that this project is going to last then probably 10 to 12 years or longer,' Mayor Donald Villere said.

The mayor says one of the major problems with these intersections is that it doesn't drain as efficiently as it should. For instance, one drain is actually higher than the road itself, leaving for water to puddle in places that can't do anything with it. But many in the area don't share the mayor's interest in or immediacy for the work.

Owner of Das Schulerhaus Gift Shop, Donna Plaia, said, 'Girod Street does not need any paving. There are no pot holes in the street and I don't feel it's a priority right now. I feel the priority for us is on-street parking in the 500 and 600 blocks of Girod.'

'On the lower end of Girod Street, the priority is flood issues, and they believe money should be spent on that first before this because the street is not in that bad of shape,' said Councilman Ernest Burguieres.

The difference in opinion of priority killed the project earlier this month, but the mayor is hoping a public pizza party this weekend, to talk with people about his plans, will clear the air.

'We do have money, as far as in dedicated funds, that we're using for this street repair that can't be used to address maybe a coastal flooding issue, or other issues that the public may have,' Villere said.

The meeting with the mayor starts at 11 a.m. Saturday, August 24, at McClain's Pizzeria on Girod Street near Lakeshore Drive.

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