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GRETNA, La. - Members of the Jefferson Parish Council held a public meeting and then went into executive session, after hearing pitches from three companies who want to run East and West Jefferson Medical Centers.

Louisiana Children's Medical Center, Hospital Corporation of America and Ochsner each gave 30 minute presentations, and after the presentations very few questions were asked of the three.

All three presentations included the position each candidate took on employment, financial stability and how each candidate would run the hospital.

The Jefferson Parish Council must now decide who the best candidate will be to run both East and West Jefferson Medical Centers.

While all three candidates are offering hundreds of millions of dollars in lease payments, Newell Normand, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff and chairman of the East Jefferson Board of Directors, said that is not the only criteria by which their proposals will be judged.

'They are very complex in nature. They have many moving parts to them. We will begin to try and digest exactly where we are.'

Ochsner promises to create 500 new jobs, generating $300 million in new tax revenue.

'We've committed to keeping our headquarters here,' said Ochsner Medical Center's Community Director, Bill Oliver. 'It's already here. It's kind of a natural thing. We're the home team. We're located on Jefferson Highway. We also have other hospitals in the area, several of them in Jefferson Parish.'

The other two suitors released statements concerning their qualifications to run the Jefferson public hospitals. Rob Dye from Hospital Corporation of America stated, 'This is a very important decision for the community, and we believe through this process we have demonstrated to the boards why our vast experience, superior quality and access to resources, in addition to our superior financial commitment, would make us the best choice.'

Brian Landry from Children's said, 'LCMC and Children's Hospital have been a long-standing and trusted part of the greater New Orleans community, and our proposal made to East Jefferson and West Jefferson recognizes and assures that they remain strong, long-standing, thriving and a trusted part of Jefferson Parish and the Gulf Coast region.'

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