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NEW ORLEANS -- Lillian Walker is thrilled to see the team from Rebuilding Together New Orleans preparing her home for a make-over scheduled to happen on the first two weekends of October.

'It's unbelievable,' said homeowner Lillian Walker. 'It's so much joy.'

Her house will be one of at least 21 repaired during Rebuilding Together's October build.

'They're going to do the stairs, they're going to paint for me, they're going to lift the hot water heater, it's so much they're going to do it's just unbelievable,' said Lillian.

This is the 25th year for Rebuilding Together to help senior citizens, people with diaabilities, military veterans, single parents, and first responders who can't afford the work themselves.

'We've probably done about 1,300 projects, and it has probably impacted I would say close to 4,000 to 5,000 people,' said Rebuilding Together Director Jon Skvarka.

But the key for success for Rebuilding Together New Orleans is to get as many volunteers and sponsors as possible.

'We can do more on houses, so we can do more wheelchair ramps, we can do grab bars, we can do exterior paints, we can do more accessibility repairs, and so more people will be impacted with more sponsors,' explained Skvarka.

Sponsorships range from $500 to $50,000, or you can sign up for $20, and become a volunteer, helping someone like Lillian Walker.

'It's a great thing to do,' said Lillian. 'You're helping other people. ... Mr. Capo, this means the world to me.'

To volunteer with Rebuilding Together, or become a sponsor call 636-3075, or visit their website at

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