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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- The Road Home program is offering help to homeowners who aren't in compliance with their Road Home grant agreements.

Staff members say they mailed out letters this week to notify people who are not meeting grant requirements.

Residents not meeting grant requirements may have to pay money received from the program back to the state.

Residents who chose 'Option 1' within the Road Home Program chose to take a grant to rebuild or repair their storm-damaged home and agreed to reoccupy that home.

Residents who chose 'Option 2' chose to sell their damaged home back to the state then purchase and move into another home within the state of Louisiana.

All recipients have had three years from the time of their closing, to comply with their grant agreement, and now that the three-year-period is coming to an end, homeowners are being asked to report whether they have filled their part of the agreement or not, back to the program.

If a resident is compliant but has not yet turned in all paper work, Officials say the questionnaire that came with this week's letter should be completed and sent back in.

Residents, who have not fulfilled all requirements, must contact the Road Home at 1-888-762-3252, extension 2, in order to schedule an appointment at one of the planned outreach events, such as the one Wednesday.

Walk-ins will be accepted, but priority will be given to those with appointments.

Wednesday's meeting is from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. at the Eastbank Regional Library on West Napoleon Avenue.

Residents who have received a letter must get in touch with Road Home, because if money needs to be paid back to the state, it must be paid by November 25.

Residents who cannot attend one of the outreach meetings do have the option to make an appointment at the Road Home Lakeshore Office.

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