NEWORLEANS- Citing a need to increase the number of officers on New Orleans' streets, city council members Jackie Clarkson and Susan Guidry have proposed an ordinance that would roll back the city's domicile requirement for first responders until the end of next year.

The number of officers on the streets has been the subject of much concern lately as the number is believed to hover in the neighborhood of 1,200, and some stories have detailed long waits for responses to crime.

The domicile law requires city employees to live within the city limits. The law, which over the years has been the subject of controversy, was suspended after Katrina as much of the city's housing was destroyed.

The requirement was re-instated at the end of 2012, but with the number of officers on the streets continuing to be an issue and with several recent high-profile crimes involving child victims, there has been concern that it might be stifling recruitment efforts.

The ordinance would exempt police, firefighters and EMSpersonnel from the requirement. It would have to be passed by the full council.

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