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NEWORLEANS-- Toulouse Street is a main entrance into the French Quarter, but drivers had to navigate this deepening depression for the past week, bouncing through the hole or driving on the sidewalk toget around the worst of it.

'Very big mess,' said Gregg Avila of theMaison Dupuy Hotel. 'You can see the dirt all the way down the street. You've got a big hole in the street people have to drive through. It's just making a mess, and it's carrying it all the way down the street into my motor lobby.'

P&J Oyster Company found the trench cut through their driveway, and installed their own warning signs for drivers.

'So now what you see is our barricade with a sign on it to call Sewerage & Water Board and our council people to try to resolve the issue,' said P&J Oyster Company President Al Sunseri.

They say the Sewerage & Water Board dug up the street September 21 for an underground repair.

'They had the street closed off,' said Avila. 'They didn't let anybody know they were going to close the street off, and when they did the work, they actually cut the cable line that supplies tv and data to this block.'

Passing drivers have been complaining about this, and begging the Sewerage & Water Board to get it fixed. The agency just can't let something like this sit here much longer.

The Sewerage & Water Board filled in the depression with more dirt, and added an asphalt layer to keep a new hole from forming.

'For everyone, not just me and my neighbors, but anyone driving down this street, are very appreciative,' concluded Sunseri.

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