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ST. BERNARD PARISH -- Officials, fisherman and businesses in St. Bernard Parish are keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Karen.

Glenn Sanchez, who owns Breton Sound Marina, is among the many bracing for the storm and hoping for the best.

'Anything we need to tie down or pick up we are going to do it, and try and be safe that is all we can do,' said Sanchez.

St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta said the eastern part of the parish is expecting a 6 to 8 foot storm surge, which is why parish officials have already advised fishermen to start bring in their boats.

'We have a lot of people down there, a lot of camps,' said Peratla. 'They have already been alerted. Most of the commercial fleet is already in. We started about 10 a.m. this morning.'

Storm preparations throughout the parish are well underway and parish officials say crews will continue to be busy.

'We are doing some last-minute items, checking generators, checking light systems, making sure we are fueled up,' said Peralta. 'We certainly check our boats, our air boats.'

Parish officials say St. Bernard residents need to be prepared for heavy rain and possible power outages, which is why officials are urging folks to stock up on essentials like water and batteries.

'This thing is due, at this point, to hit us at night time, so have your flashlights, be ready. If you have a generator make sure your generators are located in a safe place around your house, not inside your house,' said Peralta.

Thursday night some shoppers got a head start with their last-minute storm preparations.

Several people were out buying up cases of water bottles, packs of batteries, flashlights and even battery-powered lanterns.

They are preparations many stores expect to see ramp up come Friday.

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