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MANDEVILLE, La. -- A loaded handgun was found inside a bathroom at Mandeville Junior High School Wednesday morning, according to the Mandeville Police Department.

Two male students, a 13-year-old 7th grader and a 14-year-old 8th grader, were booked with possession of a firearm on school property, police said.

According to a statement from police, 'School officials were notified this morning by concerned students who heard rumors about a fellow student possibly possessing a loaded gun.' Police were notified about the gun around 7:30 a.m.

The gun was later found in a boy's bathroom by the on-duty school resource officer. The weapon found was a revolver, and it was found hidden in a ceiling tile in a bathroom, according to Mandeville Police.

Police said there was no immediate danger to the students or faculty, but the school was placed on lockdown for a few hours in abundance of caution as several law enforcement agencies with K-9 units searched the school for additional weapons. No additional weapons were reported.

'The student who located the weapon did exactly the right thing by immediately notifying the School Resource Officer of the situation. School Resource Officers are on our campuses to create relationships with students and ensure safe and secure learning environments. Due to the quick response by the student, the SRO, the school administrators and the Mandeville Police Department this situation was handled quickly and safely,' said Superintendent W.L. 'Trey' Folse III.

Parents began coming to the school to pick up their children after they received a robo-call reporting that the gun had been found on campus.

'It's just scary that stuff like this can happen despite all of our efforts,' said Susan Eberhardt, a parent.

The teen were taken to the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center, where they will await a pretrial hearing in juvenile court.

'That is the biggest question now: What was their intent?' said Lt. Steve Sticker, a spokesperson for Mandeville Police. 'We want to make sure that there were no specific targets, and what those targets were and why.'

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