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A weekly discussion of the tropics from the Eyewitness News Forecast Team

There's exactly one thing of note in the tropics this week, and that's Tropical Storm Lorenzo.

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Lorenzo formed up Monday in the central Atlantic Ocean, and it's struggling to stay organized. It may strengthen a tad on Tuesday, but it will weaken on Wednesday as it moves into an area of strong wind shear. The system is no threat to land.

Lorenzo's main claim to fame is simply that brings us up to twelve named storms for 2013. That's the average number of named storms for a season.

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Keep in mind earlier predictions from NOAA called for 13-19 named storms. It's possible we couldsee Melissa, #13, form up in the tail end of this season.But it's looking very doubtful we'll make it to Tanya, #19. (See last week's Talkin' Tropics for a look at why this season has been so quiet.)

Things are calm out there besides Lorenzo, and no development is expected the rest of the week.

Instead, the New Orleans area will get to enjoy some really pleasant, cooler weather that will actually feel like October! Take a look at this week's nice forecast.

See you back here next week for your Talkin' Tropics discussion. Every week, we'll post a fresh tropics forecast for the week ahead.

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