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NEW ORLEANS -- It's a new season for the Pelicans and many things are 'new.' There is a new mascot, new upgrades and plenty of fans eager to see what they are made of.

It was the kickoff to a party at the New Orleans Arena as the Pelicans debuted for a new season along with some major changes against the Indiana Pacers.

One-by-one, ticketholders made their way through the doors of the new arena with $50 million in upgrades.

There's a new court, better seating for the fans and new visuals from the stands.

It's all an effort to generate a spirit of rebirth in the team for the new season.

'It is something different, something new,' Treven Dulane said. 'I'm looking forward to some change. Hopefully the players are reacting to it.'

So far they have. The team had the second best preseason record in the NBA along with plenty of new talent.

It's an overhaul many fans are looking forward to.

'It is a good start to go in to the season like that,' Tyler Boudreaux said. 'It gives us a little extra motivation to go forward. Hopefully it just goes forward from there.'

Another die-hard fan, Colin Casey said, 'We have a good shot maybe this year. We have a lot of young talent. I think it is a rebuilding year and hopefully they can take us to a playoff.'

The game tipped off at 7p.m.

The next game is Friday in Orlando against the Magic.

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