MANDEVILLE, La.- Wednesday along the lakefront looked a lot like Thursday. But for one man walking his dog, the surroundings were quite different. So he snapped pictures.

Water filled the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Carondelet, though it hadn't rained and the lake was still well below the sea wall top.

Ezra Boyd, who took the pictures, said, 'People don't expect Lakeshore Drive to flood when it's a clear sunny day. They don't expect it to flood due to just some relatively mild winds due to a cold front.'

But the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, where Boyd works, says one factor is land loss, which allows winds to push more water into the lake. They say that, coupled with the rise in sea level and a high tide, has and will continue to bring about this type of flooding.

Executive Director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Dr. John Lopez, said, 'Their drainage is gravity drainage to the lake, so it's possible, under certain circumstances that we saw recently, that if the lake goes up, the water can back up through the drainage and flood the streets.'

Some city leaders say it's time to stop expecting issues from the lake and start preventing them.

'Some people just throw their arms up and say it's just because we're so close to the lake and some people don't accept that,' said Councilman Ernest Burguieres, 'And this particular problem seems imminently fixable and I hope people look at more solutions to fix these sort of problems.'

So the lakefront can remain a treasure for those who live near it, instead of trouble.

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