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NEW ORLEANS More people are expressing satisfaction with conditions and leaders in Orleans Parish than a year ago while life satisfaction in Jefferson Parish has remained stable, according to a survey by the University of New Orleans.

The Quality of Life survey was released Monday. (See complete survey)

The survey found that crime remains the overwhelmingly biggest problem facing residents in New Orleans, with 62 percent of those surveyed saying it remains the main issue preventing a higher quality of life.

And, while nearly one in three surveyed said they did not feel safe around their homes at night and a quarter of African-American residents said they hear gunfire near where they live several times a month, more than twice as many said the city has become a better place to live rather than a worse place.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand and Jefferson Parish President John Young each were rated very positively.

On the less positive side, less than a majority of citizens of New Orleans approved of the job the city council is doing and the approval of Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas seemed to depend heavily on race.

Serpas had an approval rating of 54 percent, with 66 percent of white people surveyed approving and only 47 percent of African Americans. Serpas' job performance did not meet approval with 47 percent of African-Americans, 24 percent of those strongly disapproved.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro had 55 percent of people approving of his job performance. About 69 percent of whites and only 50 percent of African-Americans approved.

Not faring as well were the city's criminal courts, where only 34 percent of responders felt that their job performance was OK. Sheriff Marlin Gusman's job performance only met approval from 33 percent of those surveyed. For Gusman, 37 percent of African-Americans and only 25 percent of whites approved of the job he is doing.

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