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NEW ORLEANS -- Nearly 100 students took to the streets Wednesday morning in New Orleans East, protesting conditions and the overall educational environment at Carver Collegiate Academy.

The protest drew police presence. New Orleans police said anywhere from 75 to 100 students took part in the early morning walk out of the school on Read Boulevard.

Some of the students complained of a lack of books at the school, while others complained about a strict discipline regimen that they feel is unfair and unyielding. Police said the students were walking towards Read Boulevard in the morning, although no arrests were made.

Some parents said the kids have been upset about the overall school condition and lack of supplies and that the school has taken a new, hardline discipline 'bootcamp' approach, which the parents can appreciate but some feel the school has gone too far in the execution of the rules.

'I've been at this school almost every week for a couple of months now,' said Roberta Gray, a parent. 'I've been coming dealing with drama with this school since the first day of school for my child. I've been trying to get her in another school,' adding that it was difficult to move her daughter so late in the school year.

Eyewitness News attempted to reach out to the school principal and the school's communications director but only got a phone with a voice mail not set up, so were unable to get a school official response.

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