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METAIRIE, La. -- 'Tis the season for Santa mall portraits and kids riding a toy train around a massive holiday display inside Lakeside Shopping Center.

However, the designer is once again ruffling feathers. The Gretna-based firm made light of Hurricane Katrina and now it's setting its sights on the Affordable Health Care Act.

At first glance the candy canes, whistling children's train and snow-covered Christmas display appears harmless. Until you look twice.

'Oh my goodness. I'm lost for words basically,' said New Orleans resident Tamany Diaz.

'People need to see that,' said Metairie resident Joe Duhon.

Whether you agree with it or not, part of this year's Lakeside Shopping Center holiday display targets the Affordable Health Care Act.

'What does that have to do with Christmas?' Diaz said. 'That's my question.'

'It's amazing what you can get away with nowadays doing a Christmas scene in the middle of a mall,' said New Orleans resident Donald Brisset.

Frank Evans is the landscape architect behind the unconventional holiday season satirical designs, a tradition marking its 18th year.

'We build the train display for the kids, but adults come looking for the satire,' said Evans.

This year's depiction of President Obama's Affordable Care Act is complete with a long line of waiting patients, a coffin and a hearse.

'I understood from the news that a lot of people couldn't get in. If you can't get in, you're going to wind up going out the way I have it depicted,' said Evans, who maintains he doesn't take sides but likes to get people thinking.

This isn't the first time Evans is raising eyebrows. Shortly after Katrina he caused similar controversy.

'The year we had the blue roof display,' said Evans of December 2005, just three months after the storm.

You may remember the post-Katrina display showcasing a hurricane-ravaged metro area with blue tarps and victims being rescued by helicopter. Lakeside Mall management forced Evans to remove it, but cries of protest brought it back.

'How do you expect someone to get in the spirit if you're saying I'm gonna die? Wow,' said Gentilly resident Danielle Buggage of the display.

'Where they're going is where they're going to come out at. Is that a wooden coffin they're getting in? They're lucky they're coming out in a wooden coffin. Could be worse,' said display supporter Joe Duhon

As shoppers closely inspect yet another one of Evans' controversial winter wonderland creations, you can expect an encore next holiday season.

Well, maybe.

'Until the mall throws me out, I guess. They almost did several times. They might throw me out this time because I put their office on the display,' Evans said, laughing.

His display also pokes fun at the Broadway musical 'The Book of Mormon.'

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