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FRANKLINTON -- Neighbors who live along 16th Street stood stunned Friday morning as an entire block remained a large crime scene.

'It's bad, really bad. It's sad,' said Harry Andrews.

Authorities say the incident began around 10 p.m. Thursday night, when 20-year-old Christopher Dillon tried to rob his neighbor for cash, then shot him in the arm. That man is still recovering in a New Orleans hospital.

The second scene then started at the suspect's home after he ran almost a football field away after the armed robbery and shooting down the street.

'Police officers approached the residence, saw the door somewhat, not all the way closed, yelled for somebody to identify themselves, they went in and said they could smell gunpowder,' said Louisiana State Police Master Trooper Greg Marchand, 'They could see one hand and not the other, he said he was surrendering. As he made the corner of the hallway, he brandished a weapon, shot one time. It went through the trailer wall and hit an officer.'

Marchand said, 'He came out a couple times with his hands up like he was surrendering, but then retreated back down a hallway. That went on for a little while, then he disappeared and set the house on fire.'

Dillon was pulled from the burning home and arrested, but once the fire was out, the body of his mother, 44-year-old Robin Dillon, was discovered. The coroner's office says she died from a single gunshot wound.

'Very nice person, very easy to get along with, very neighborly. She'd go to work every morning and you wouldn't see her again until that night,' said Andrews.

Franklinton Police say they had been called to the home several times for domestic issues between the mother and son. The Dillon's family lives in Mississippi and Robin's father told a neighbor she was his only child.

'We grew up with the families. We grew up with everyone involved and so we're all hurt,' said neighbor Kendrick Stewart.

Both the officer and neighbor shot are expected to recover. Authorities say they recovered the gun they believe Dillon used in the crimes.

Dillion is in the Washington Parish Jail facing two counts of attempted first degree murder of a police officer, attempted first degree murder, armed robbery and aggravated arson. State police say other charges are pending, including a possible murder charge. No bond has been set.

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