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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Keith Mercier recalls the horrific stabbing that took place before his very eyes.

Saturday night he came running to the aid of 26-year-old Jessica Broussard after police say her boyfriend, 29 year-old Noah Scott, stabbed her several times before she ran across the street to a neighbor begging for help.

'There was so much blood. She was ice cold,' Mercier said. 'I knew she didn't have much time so I called for help.'

Once police arrived, Mercier pointed them to Scott's house across the street.

'The next thing I know, the door comes flying open and I hear, Drop the knife, drop the knife,' Mercier said. 'Then I hear a barrage of gunshots.'

Col. John Fortunato with the Jefferson Paris Sheriff's Office said, 'Three officers were standing by and at the time he lunged at them with a knife they opened fire multiple times. He was pronounced dead in this house.'

According to records obtained by Eyewitness News, Scott has been arrested several times for drug possession and most recently pleaded guilty to DWI March 2013.

Mercier said there always seemed to be issues at the home.

'There is always fighting and screaming going on over there and he is the source of the controversy.'

Mercier wishes there was more he could have done to help Broussard.

'I didn't know who she was,' he said. 'I would see her and say hi and she would smile and wave back. I didn't want to meet her with her taking her last breath.'

Police have not said what led to the fatal stabbing but some sources say Broussard and Scott were recently engaged, and that she was not yet ready to be married.

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